General Medicine

In addition to Cardiology I have accreditation in General Medicine – that is a licence to practice across the whole of medicine. This is unusual for a Cardiologist – of the 20 most clinically active Cardiologists in Manchester who see private patients, only one other cardiologist has General Medical Accreditation.

This is useful for-

  1. Recognising that the symptoms are not coming from a heart problem but from another medical condition
  2. Recognising that other non-cardiological conditions are present
  3. Advising about other medical conditions eg insomnia….
  4. Investigating other medical conditions eg headache, backache……
  5. Considering the type of health screening, vaccinations etc that you should consider
  6. General health maintenance advice that is more high tech and in depth than a GP would have time to discuss with you

“We wanted to come and see you because of your overall view (of medicine)” – Mr C

“I wanted to see someone who is a good General Physician as well as a good Cardiologist”– consultant colleague in his early 50s from one of the World’s top hospitals consulting Dr Horner about a cardiac problem and who had previously seen a Consultant Cardiologist who specialises in cardiac electrophysiology from a UK teaching hospital. So experienced senior doctors themselves value a wider field of view of medicine in their own treatment.

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